Welcome to Understanding

“Why should you take by force that from us which you can have by love?”

For the sake of this site we will use the following video as a way to follow where and how we are using our terminology. So what is the left right and moderates, are you really one of those?

We all have our own understanding of words and life, the intent here is not to change your individual understanding or beliefs but to help find an understanding which we can each relate with each other.

With dictators being as far left (authoritarian) as possible and anarchy (lack of government and absolute freedom) being to the far right, can we agree, for the sake of these pages we will keep this in mind? If not, then we might be wasting both of our time and we can continue to have several definitions for the same words.

It is the hope that these pages will help us all find a common understanding to help alleviate much of the misunderstanding in politics and the media today. The hope is to start a dialog based on the KISS “keep it simple stupid” theory. Even though at times this may all get confusing, the goal here is to show how we might not be as far apart as we think we are on many issues if you wish to live free or has the words “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” become just another one of those memorials as to what we use to believe in?

Words seem to get tossed around these days with the media and politicians not helping much. Maybe it’s always been that way but where does freedom and liberty fit into the equation today? Are conservatives or liberals about liberty? Are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Greens about liberty or does each one want it’s idea of liberty while walking on the unalienable Rights of others, those rights given to each of us by their Creator?


As we watch or read the news and listen to politicians, as well as some others it sounds like everyone is under attack and that might be the truest words yet. We hear how Christians, gays, women, white, blacks, American Indians, men, women and the list goes on are all under attack when in reality everything liberty is under attack today. The one thing about the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God is that when you attack another you should expect to be attacked back. So who is really starting these attacks?

As this site grows it is the hope most of these questions will get addressed but for now let’s touch on the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and Liberty.